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Sunday, February 14, 2010

The first step to fullfilling our dream "How to know, what we exactly want" Part-2

How to know, What we really want:
The very important thing to understand that what is the need to learn :”what we want”.
We are here to learn the techniques how to full fill our dream in given time frame and
The reason is, the god has given us very powerful instrument that is our mind. In our mind, there are countless thoughts come and go continuously. The thought which is crystal clear and focused and regular revolves in our mind starts converting in reality. If we don’t know to filter out what we want exactly then so many useful /unuseful/weak/strong/good and bad thoughts will come and go in our mind and we cannot create anything perfectly
May be some people feel this question very stupid, because they understand that they all know what they want? But the reality is totally different from this. Most of people have very vague idea about their wanting.
What we have in our present life is the pile of all those desire which we asked to the universe knowingly or unknowingly. So it is must that we all should have a very clear view about our short term and long term goals.
The three thought process to know what we want exactly is:-
1-Start thinking from the End: Start thinking what you want to be at the end of your life. It is very necessary to understand why I am saying “at the end of the life”. Because, we want so many things in our life and maximum time our one desire conflict with other desire and in result we become something else in place of something else unknowingly. For example:
Whole life we ruin our health to earn some money and in the last we ruin our all money to gain some health. This mean if in the last we have everything but not the health then it means we don’t mean all those money for which were engaged our whole life. But what in young age, In young age we think that money is ultimate thing and we always ask money from the God,Univerce or any one to whom we have faith. The moral of story is, if we start thinking from the end then you will feel we don’t want only money but we want money with a perfect health. Now it our final desire that we want money with fill health. Now we have to be alert that if there is any way by which can earn money , we will not run after that unless until we can keep our health good that way too.Finaly we should pass this desire through the five basic elements (Deeply discussed in Second Post: How to know what we want exactly) i.e.
1- Sukh( Comfort of life)
2- Shanti (Peace of mind)
3- Swasthya (Perfect health for physically independency)
4- Samriddhi (Day by day growth in all aspects of life in comparison of last time)
5- Success(Success each time whenever we act something aim fully)
I mean to say that relate one by one all these five elements with your desire and see if it produces these elements or not. Your any desire should yield either all of these, or few of these or at least any of these. If it is then it is your ultimate desire otherwise you need to make some changes in your desire.
For example: Earlier I decided that we don’t want money without health but:
Five filter for any thought process: Filter any thought through these five filters to include in your thought process
Filter 1- Will money can give me Sukh
Filter 2- Will money can give me shanty
Filter 3- Will money can give me Swasthya
Filter 4- Will money can give me Sammridhi
Filter 5- Will money can give me success
We have to be very care full that our any desire should give the result of at least any one or more elements out of all above five and the most necessary thing it should not create any conflict with any any one of these five elements. I mean to say that may be your one desire can produce four things out of these five and will block only and only one of these five. You should either drop that desire or you should make some changes in that. For example if a Job in Tobacco processing factory can give you money but not health meant it is blocking one prime element so you should deny for the same. But if working in slotter house gives you money and don’t block your health but block your peace of mind then again you should deny for the same because the main condition is it should generate either all or at least one element but not to block even a single element.
The gist is, may be any desire can produce few things from these five but should not block even a single element. Because if any desire e which is blocking any one thing out of these five means that desire is going to block so many good dreams of your life which you dream for yourself.
2-Fit your thought in time sequence: Whatever you think fit it in time frame .To fit your dreams and desires in a time formula is very essential because so many time we will regret if our wildest dreams comes true if it is not according to the time. Some people will be thinking” who don’t want to get all things right now” then think, may be one of your desire is to marry your daughter in very good family but right now her age is only five years ,Are any one of you is ready to do this right now. So think well before asking otherwise go and see our current life this is the result of unsequential, non prioritized list of unknowingly asked desires.
Most of people think it is better to get all good things as soon as possible but it is not true.Maxium thing looks better if they come at their right time. For example:
There was a man who was the grandfather of my friend Munni.He always used to say “Now my only desire is to play with my grandson (Son of his granddaughter).His granddaughter was student in 12th class. One day we came back to home from exam and went to her house to discuss for the next exame.In the mean while he came in between and started to say what to do with girls’ educations.”I only want to play and see my grandson in my lap before closing my eyes “.Not going to linger the story and coming to the main point.Munni’s affair was with a bad boy and during that exam period they had unsafe sex and Munni got pregnant. Because Munni hide this fact to their family till it was too late to abort it and at the last Munni given the birth to baby boy before her marriage.Munnis father shifted to some other city and done the marriage of Munni with someone poor guy to avoid the unwanted social issues and left his father (Munni grandfather) at home to play with his most awaited grandson.
The moral of story is Munni’s Grandfather were wanting both the things marriage and birth of his grandson and he received it too, but according to the time frame it was not right the first desire came in last and last desire came in first(marriage in last and baby birth in first). Because regular energizing of the second desire, srtregthten it and made it materialized. So be care full and set your desire in a right time sequence.
Your each desire should be in right time sequence with your other desire and it should be time bound too.
3-Set the priorities of desire and Calculate the side effect of your thoughts: Some time you will feel something you need more than another one thing in the same time for example:” We want to spend a very romantic night in hill station with my wife” Now make it sequential as per your priority: decide if only one thing you are going to receive then what will be your top priority. What you are going to select.
There are three possible scenarios:
Scenario-1: a-Romantic night. b- with my wife c-In hill station
Scenario 2-: a- Night in Hill station, B- Romantic c-with wife
Scenario3-: a- Night With my wife b- Romantic c-In hill station
Now take scenario 1- Here we give the priority to the romantic night. If we select this sequence that mean romantic night is much important to me than night with wife or night in hill station. This means if universe is going to give it in installment then it may be that you spent a very romantic night with any strange girl or call girl or wife but only in your home town or in any other place which is not hill station. Do you exactly want it? If yes then select this sequence and I make you confident that if you follow the techniques which I will unfold in my regular posts in my Blogs are capable to full fill it in the same manner as you wish but You should be ready to accept all those byproduct which you are going to receive at the end of your life. As I discussed above “Start thinking from the end” .yet, still it is your desire you can choose this sequence.
Now take scenario 2- Here we give priority to the night in hill station. So if we choose this priority may be we get a chance to spend night in hill station but not sure that either it will be romantic or official meeting. If it is coming in installment that mean, we may have some nights in hill with office collogue, some time nights in hill station with romance but the partner may be your x girl friend, may be call girl, may be strange girl so on and in the last you may also get a chance to have night with romance and with your own wife. If you are ready to accept first tow side effect then you can select this sequence.
Now take scenario 3-Here we give priority to spend night with wife only, if it is ok with you then select this sequence only. Now let us discuss the side effect of this sequence: If universe is going to give it in installment then may be: You get so many nights with your wife (Don’t think it easy, there are so many men who don’t have so many nights to spend with their wife too due some most genuine reasons).May be some of those nights are very very romantic and at the last May be some of those romantic nights are with your wife and passes in hill station.
Now think again, Try to view the side effect of any of your desire and their sequence and feel is you ready to accept all those side effect. In which sequence you feel u are all safe and it will affect positively your “end of the life” go for those desire in that particular sequence.
Five basic steps to write down your desire in scientific way:
Now come to the main point “How to know, what we want exactly”. Please follow the follow the following points to search pout your ultimate desire:
1-Write down all the big or small desire on a paper. Write it down as naturally as they come. Write and make the diary full.
2-Now keep the diary a side and forget it for few days. After few days again review your diary and add some thing if it something has left behind and remove all those things which are common and have been written several time. Again forget it for few days.

3-After few days again review your diary, Rewise the step “2” cut and add something if required.Again now see carefully something may be which you really don’t want.Cut it down and now do one thing more make this list sequential I mean keep it sequential in time frame. Which thing you want first write it first and which thing you want next, write it next to that as per discussion done above under heading “Fit your thoughts in time sequence”. For this you pick a new diary and start writing it from the beginning but sequential with the time frame as discussed above.
4-Now categorize your all desire in below six category
a-Personal & Love desire
b-Familiar and relationship desire
c-Health desire
d-Social desire
e-Financial desire
f-Spiritual desire
Be careful that all the above six things are codependent and cannot be dissociated or separated like if health is not good you cannot earn money and if you don’t have enough money to purchase food you cannot maintain your health too. So have a very personal touch to assign a category to your particular deiser.It varies man to man.
5-Now make fresh list with time and priority sequence for each category again ,modify it by cut it down something unwanted and adding something if left behind .Remove something if it is repeted.Now edit your list and make it short and simple. Means, use as less word to describe it as possible.
Now you have listed all those things which you really want out of your life and if universe is going to give you all of those you will never regret for those desire(See my second post to understand this regret term).But this is the whole life plan and you don’t want to receive everything right now. So make it fit in time sequence as discussed above under heading”Fit your thought in time sequence”.

Now these final book with six separate Category is the bible of your all life goal and you have to empower those dreams only by regular thinking about them, visualizing them and discussing about them .Some more deeper techniques in my coming post.
*What is the need of “How to know what we want exactly” – Because If we know what we want exactly then we will focus our ultimate desire and ultimately we will materialized our dream.
*Change your thought process: Start thinking from the end and pass each thought through five filter, Fit your thought is time sequence and Set the priorities of desire and calculate the side effect of your thoughts.
* Go through the 5 scientific steps to write down your desires.

Waiting your valuable comments and discussion before posting the next Post:

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